Kombucha and Detoxification

Kombucha and Cellular Reconstruction

kombucha and plantsInvestigations into the action of Kombucha on the cellular metabolism of plants
may also have implications for human cellular reconstruction.
Research indicates that daily amounts of glucuronic acid optimizes the natural processes
of growth and decomposition at a cellular level by eliminating toxins from the organism.
There is evidence that this contributes to a general strengthening of the cell walls and an improvement of cellular metabolism which strengthens the whole system.

Vitamin Content and Recovery from Illness

kombucha and digestionKombucha produces a large proportion of the B complex of vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 together with folic and lactic acids. Glucuronic acid is known to be manufactured in the liver,but those who suffer from long-term illness do not produce it in sufficiently large quantities to assist the body in rapid cleansing that is often a vital part of the recovery process. Its function is to combine with toxins in the body so that they cannot be subsequently re-absorbed through the intestines. It follows that glucuronic acid plays a considerable part in systemic detoxification. This is especially important for disease's that have been in operation long term.

Heavy Metals Excreted as People Drink Kombucha

When examining body fluids such as urine, it has been shown that people who drink Kombucha
on a regular basis will expel toxins that have either built up internally
as a result of illness or that have been absorbed from the environmental.
Toxins which have been successfully isolated as being effectively purged
from the body are: cesium, mercury, lead and benzol.

kombucha removes heavy metals

Kombucha's most notable effect on the human body is Detoxification.
This is mainly due to the glucuronic acid component.
Various toxins either from consumption or from environmental sources are absorbed through the lungs,
stomach or skin combine with the glucuronic acid to form complex molecules
which are then voided through the intestines or bladder.
Compounds of glucuronic acid may be found within vital complex polysaccharides
such as mucoitin-sulfuric acid which is present in gastric mucous membranes and the vitreous humor of the eye,
chondroitin sulfate within cartilage, and finally in the connective tissues as hyaluronic acid.

The benefit of probiotics is related to a specific strain of bacteria used to improve digestive health. Those who commonly experience upset stomach from common food sensitivities prefer these probiotic drinks. The Kombucha culture is also known as “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” or SCOBY in short. These bacteria are used to convert sweetened tea into a probiotic health drink that contains organic acids, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. The Kombucha culture or scoby encourages both aerobic and anaerobic fermentation while brewing. It is an easy to brew and maintain culture. It is also known as Kombucha mushroom.

Benefits of Kombucha

·    It is a natural detox that helps to remove toxins from the body
·    It alters the pH balance of the digestive organs and prevents the stomach acids from rising up to esophagus, thus relieving an individual from that uneasy acidic feeling
·    It assists your weight loss efforts and makes you more agile and energetic
·    It contains various minerals to complete the body’s daily mineral requirements

Apart from all these properties it also contains cellulose, which is an insoluble fiber responsible for improving digestion and relieving constipation. It also safeguards against colon cancer. It also provides the body its daily dose of amino acids that are not produced in the body but have to be taken via food.

It is very easy to brew Kombucha  at home. There are various types of Kombucha starter kits that one can order online and provide one’s family with all the health benefits. Depending upon your need, you can order a first time brewer kit, deluxe starter kit, mini kit, one-gallon kit or the everything kit. Depending upon what your order is, you will get one Kombucha culture, starter tea, sugar, jars etc. All kits come with an illustrated instructions booklet, phone and online support and a guarantee that the Kombucha culture will definitely grow.

Once you have decided to make Kombucha  at home, you need to keep certain things in mind. Some kits come with glass jars and some don’t. So if your kit does not contain a glass jar, you will need to use your own jar to brew Kombucha mushroom. Just make sure that it is a glass jar only as other jars made from metals or plastic can be toxic. Use distilled water only as all other waters including mineral water promote mold formation. Use your regular tea and granulated sugar for the first few times. Later on you can switch to organic tea and sugar. Use a paper towel, coffee filter or a cloth to cover the lid of the jar. Secure it properly with a rubber band to prevent insects from entering the jar.read more about Getting Started.

Order your Kombucha starter kit today and gift yourself a happy and healthy life!